What keeps me up at night

Recently, I have been trying to get back into photography and videography as hobbies. This has led me to purchase camera lenses, tripods, a monopod, microphone, tripod dolly, and many other accessories in a period of a couple of months. In the video below, I decided to put one of the accessories to test. 

I shot this video over a month ago using a tripod dolly from ePhoto. This was my first attempt at using a/the dolly; hence, the awkward camera movements. 

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Redesigning the Chase Online Banking System (Part 1)

[background story about my and other's Chase online banking experience goes here]

[background story about redesign project goes here]

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Pre-redesign sketch plan and notes

I started thinking of 4 focus areas as I approached the "partial redesign" of the Chase Online Banking system: the landing page, account activity page, transaction details, and filtering account activity information.

You are original and creative.

I took this picture after a long, tiresome, and dull day. "You are original and creative", said the fortune cookie. I usually find these messages dull and repetive (the cookie is definitely better). But I decided to do something with these. In the process, I ended up reading a few blogs on creativity, and it also reminded me of a video I came across a few weeks back. You can watch the video here or below.


Sony Alpha SLT A33 Video Test

The following is a short video I shot using my Sony Alpha SLT A33 camera. This was my first time shooting a video and using Premiere in years. It was also the first time testing out the video capabilities of my my SLR (SLT). I must say I was quite impressed with the video quality. Last week I contacted a friend musician of mine in Washington D.C. to see if we could schedule a short music video shoot later this month. That's now a work in progress. 

For now, here is the short little video :-)

Oh, so you design experiences?

Try to explain to some what experience or interaction design is and watch the looks and questions you get. Design, to most people means graphic or web design--basically the obvious facets of visual design. You mention experience design, and it's as if you have pulled the plug to that little light bulb that goes off in their heads each time they think of design.

I recently had an experience with a particular individual. I was explaining to him what Human Computer Interaction consisted of and what User Experience (UX) design means. In the early phase of the conversation, he mentioned "What software program do you use?" I was puzzled for a second since I didn't really understand the context of the question. "What do you mean?" I replied. "Ummm, like what software do you use to design, ummm, experience and stuff?", he said. Of course this led to a conversation which consisted mainly of me trying to explain the UX field.