Redesigning the Chase Online Banking System (Part 1)

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Pre-redesign sketch plan and notes

I started thinking of 4 focus areas as I approached the "partial redesign" of the Chase Online Banking system: the landing page, account activity page, transaction details, and filtering account activity information.

  1. The landing page is the first page a Chase customer sees after a successful authentication. This page sets the tone for the rest of the experience. Currently, the page's design is cluttered. There are too much text and links. The page needs to be redesigned to its simplest form while still providing the user with a succinct and intuitive interface.
  2. The account activity page shows in detail each transaction processed over a period of time. The current design for this page is very linear and static in interaction. Providing a way to filter, search, and view details for transactions would enhance the user's experience in interacting with transaction data. 
  3. Currently all details for a transaction are concatenated in the string description of the transaction as viewable on the account activity page. Creating a way to view additional details for each transaction on demand would lessen the clutter and make transactions more relevant and legible. 
  4. Chase's current search and filtering interface is not user friendly. The list for filtering by transaction is not flexible. Also, the search and the filtering process are incongruent. 


With these four points in my mind, I willl focus the redesign to simplifying the landing page and the account page. The other focus is to make transactions more legible and easier to browse and interpret. 

Process details

1. Sketches, sketches, sketches

2. Axure prototype

3. Peer critique

4. Usability Testing (pending).



The Prototype


You can access the redesign here.