Stuck in a rut: when you feel like you are not growing

Ever reached a point where you feel as if you are not growing, learning, or getting any better at a specific activity? 

I remember reading an article years ago on what is refered to as a "rut". Sometimes in life you find yourself in a "rut" where everything seems so dull. There is a lack of inspiration, excitement, and anticipation. You seem stuck and sometimes you might feel hopeless. How did you get here?

From the article (which I don't remember the name or the author), he/she mentioned that we usually arrive at this point when we cease learning; which can happen intentionally or unintentionally. We become comfortable with the level of knowledge we have and thus cease to seek growth in knowledge and practice.

Feeling as if you are stuck in a rut happens when there's need for growth. When you grow uncomfortable with your current physical, mental, spiritual, academic, intellectual, emotional, and social state, it's usually a sign that you need to pursue change, to seek growth. 

The cure: step out of your routine. Think outside of your box. Be humble with what you think you know.

The whole reason I wrote this short post is because I have been in a rut in my practice and learning of photography. It's a very frustrating feeling. To try to step out of this rut, I have decided to start carrying my camera everywhere I go as I used to do, and basically just take pictures as an uninspiring as the subject might seem. I have ended up with less quality pictures in my opinion, but the constraints I have are pushing me to seek creativity, and to also try to learn more. 

The honest truth is I am still stuck in that rut for several reasons. And I have accepted the fact that I will be stuck here until I decide to pursue change; mainly by investing more time into this hobby of mine and seeking to grow beyond the little that I think I know about photography.

Here's a few photos I have taken in the past few days. Visit or my Flickr for a few of my old shots.