Letter to myself written over 7 years ago

Last night I found a hand-written letter I wrote to myself about 7 years ago. It goes like this:

To: Pascal

From: Pascal

Today is Saturday August 25, 2007. I am writing to myself 5 months from now. I am really looking forward to this semester and basically this entire year. I just hope that I can keep my GPA up. The one class that's worrying me already is PHST 330 [Philanthropic Studies] and I am hoping that I can make it through. I will do my best and by the time I get this letter, I will have completed the class with at least an A-. As far as my academics are concerned, I hope to succeed greatly. Other things include stronger spiritual walk, develop professional skills, and more...

-- Pascal --

3 observations I made:

  1. Priorities change. The things I was worrying about back then are things I most likely wouldn't worry about now. Also, grades are important, but definitely not that important. 
  2. I am still pretty much the same person in the letter, with the same aspirations, and weaknesses.
  3. Time sure does go fast. It's 2013 already.