Forecasting User Experience

I recently did some photography for a football game. One key skill I learned, and this is what the professional photographers do: to be good at it, to capture the shots that separate your shots from the rest of the people holding cameras, you have to have your eyes open and see 5-10 seconds into the play. You have to constantly predict where the ball might be next. This is not guessing. It takes knowledge of the domain and constant practice. With this said, I believe predicting your customer/user's needs for tomorrow is just as crucial to designing for the current need. To stay relevant, competitive, needed, and wanted, you have to think outside of the "current" box. Forecast market trends, your domain's paradigm shifts, and your target user market is key to play both in the today and tomorrow. Your research has to be dynamic and the product constantly iterated. We all know what happened to RIM and many other companies. 

Stuck in a rut: when you feel like you are not growing

Ever reached a point where you feel as if you are not growing, learning, or getting any better at a specific activity? 

I remember reading an article years ago on what is refered to as a "rut". Sometimes in life you find yourself in a "rut" where everything seems so dull. There is a lack of inspiration, excitement, and anticipation. You seem stuck and sometimes you might feel hopeless. How did you get here?

From the article (which I don't remember the name or the author), he/she mentioned that we usually arrive at this point when we cease learning; which can happen intentionally or unintentionally. We become comfortable with the level of knowledge we have and thus cease to seek growth in knowledge and practice.

Feeling as if you are stuck in a rut happens when there's need for growth. When you grow uncomfortable with your current physical, mental, spiritual, academic, intellectual, emotional, and social state, it's usually a sign that you need to pursue change, to seek growth. 

You are original and creative.

I took this picture after a long, tiresome, and dull day. "You are original and creative", said the fortune cookie. I usually find these messages dull and repetive (the cookie is definitely better). But I decided to do something with these. In the process, I ended up reading a few blogs on creativity, and it also reminded me of a video I came across a few weeks back. You can watch the video here or below.


Sony Alpha SLT A33 Video Test

The following is a short video I shot using my Sony Alpha SLT A33 camera. This was my first time shooting a video and using Premiere in years. It was also the first time testing out the video capabilities of my my SLR (SLT). I must say I was quite impressed with the video quality. Last week I contacted a friend musician of mine in Washington D.C. to see if we could schedule a short music video shoot later this month. That's now a work in progress. 

For now, here is the short little video :-)