Yahoo Answers: Engaging your audience

The following post is derived from a precis I wrote in Foundations of HCI over a year ago.

In the paper "Why Users of Yahoo! Answers Do Not Answer Questions", Dearman and Truong present a few suggestions for improving Yahoo! Answers (YA) question and answer process and interface to maximize user participation in giving quality answers to questions. After conducting a 15-week experiment, Dearman and Truong found that: 1) YA’s top and regular contributors do not answer questions for the same basic reasons (see bullet points below). 2) This problem could be solved by a few research and design approaches.

Redesigning the Chase Online Banking System (Part 1)

[background story about my and other's Chase online banking experience goes here]

[background story about redesign project goes here]

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Pre-redesign sketch plan and notes

I started thinking of 4 focus areas as I approached the "partial redesign" of the Chase Online Banking system: the landing page, account activity page, transaction details, and filtering account activity information.