What keeps me up at night

Recently, I have been trying to get back into photography and videography as hobbies. This has led me to purchase camera lenses, tripods, a monopod, microphone, tripod dolly, and many other accessories in a period of a couple of months. In the video below, I decided to put one of the accessories to test. 

I shot this video over a month ago using a tripod dolly from ePhoto. This was my first attempt at using a/the dolly; hence, the awkward camera movements. 

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Sony Alpha SLT A33 Video Test

The following is a short video I shot using my Sony Alpha SLT A33 camera. This was my first time shooting a video and using Premiere in years. It was also the first time testing out the video capabilities of my my SLR (SLT). I must say I was quite impressed with the video quality. Last week I contacted a friend musician of mine in Washington D.C. to see if we could schedule a short music video shoot later this month. That's now a work in progress. 

For now, here is the short little video :-)